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Introducing our new Shopper  3 IN 1 with a personality. With iconic VALBONA Leather branding, the new Shopper 3 IN 1 is designed in premium leather offering durability and high quality. This Shopper is made to fit all your daily essentials. It offers an adjustable strap, multiple pockets inside to keep your bag organised , a key chain strap and an inside pouch to keep your valuables safe. 

Why we call it the 3IN1? This SHOPPER is composed of the following elements:

  1. Shopper
  2. detachable Pouch ( attachable to the Shopper with a carabiner and can be detached to be worn solely)
  3. Cross-body Clutch ( it goes inside the Shopper, can be combined with the detachable Pouch , can be worn solely ) 

The SHOPPER 3IN1 is designed to fit your daily activities whenever and wherever. It matches to your every style, you decide how you want to wear it.



  • width 25 cm
  • depth 15.5 cm
  • height 31 cm
  • length of detachable strap 

Pouch with Zip ( D ring on the back, can be attached onto carabiner in the Shopper or elsewhere)

  • width 21 cm
  • depth 0,2 cm
  • height 15 cm 

Cross-body clutch with Zip and outter Pocket (2 x D rings on the back to attach strap or to attach to carabiner in the Shopper or elsewhere)

  • width 24 cm
  • depth 0,5 cm
  • height 17,5 cm
  • length of detachable strap:  154,5 cm long (can be reduced to 125,5 cm long)